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Book of Memory 2022


Virtual Book of Memory

How often one hears that expression of religious faith. It has always been a Jewish custom to honor and respect the deceased, to offer thanks for their lives in many ways and to preserve their memories by the communal remembering of their names. It is through this observance that they achieve a tangible measure of immortality.
In lieu of Temple Emanu-El’s tradition of providing you with a printed Book of Memory, this year we’d like to give you the opportunity to memorialize all your loved ones with an online version of this book. The virtual book will contain the names of those deceased family members whom you wish to recall during this most sacred time of year. 
Please complete this form with the names of those you would like to be included in this year’s Book of Memory. You may also complete the form online. While all names that you submit will be included, only the names of those who have passed away since last year’s Yom Kippur will be read aloud during the Yizkor service on October 5th.
To ensure that all submitted names are included and to allow time to compile the information, please return your request form by Friday, September 30th.
Gifts in memory of your loved ones as well as contributions to the Temple High Holiday appeal are greatly appreciated. May your generosity on their behalf bring you a measure of consolation in the knowledge that the goodness of their lives will continue through your contribution to the good works that Temple Emanu-El is performing for our people and our community. Just as those that we remember are “of blessed memory”, your dedication and support of your Temple in honor of your loved ones are blessed.


Names you would like to include:

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Names of relatives who have passed away since last Yom Kippur:

Additional information is requested for the names of relatives who have passed away SINCE LAST YOM KIPPUR (September 16, 2021-5782). These names will be read at the Yom Kippur Yizkor services and will also be entered into our regular Yahrzeit Kaddish list.  For date of death, you may use either the Gregorian or Hebrew calendar, whichever you prefer.

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Please consider a gift in memory of your loved one(s) or toward Temple Emanu-El's High Holiday Fund.


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Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783