The Food Connection

What is the Food Connection Project about?

The Temple’s Food Connection Project has begun.
In less than a week, over 10% of the membership is already participating. Our tradition of Tikkun Olam calls on us to repair the world, as we see the divine in every aspect of it. How should we as individual Jews and as part of a Jewish community in Hawai'i respond to today's complex food issues? Fortunately, the opportunities are as great as the challenges. Food can connect us in ways that are communal, practical, and spiritual all at once.

The Food Connection Project connects the Temple to our Jewish heritage through inviting us to sanctify what we do at least 3 times every day—eat. We can connect to the land through increasing our use of locally grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, meats, eggs, cheese, chocolate, and much, much more. The first gardening workshop will be in June. An organic products fair will be held in the fall. Seminars with the rabbi are coming up soon. Workshops on healthy eating and cooking classes are in the works.

What do people gain by being a part of the project?

► Connections to fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables
► Regular updates on food, health, and Judaism
► Seminars with the rabbi on the New Jewish Food Movement
► Gardening workshops and container growing workshops
► Workshops on healthy cooking and eating
► Cooking classes

Please fill out a survey card.

They are available on the Green Committee table in the social hall. The surveys let us know what the majority of the membership is interested in. Then if you want to be on our mailing list for all the information and connections, just register at the bottom of the card.

If you are unable to find survey/registration cards, you can join in online by emailing Stuart Novick, the project coordinator, at

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