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Chevra Kadisha Kavod



 In Judaism we believe that all individuals have innate dignity, a spark of the divine. We are all said to be created in God’s image. Judaism holds that death does not remove this holiness. Our bodies retain a remnant of the divinity they once housed. Jewish burial rituals emphasize that all people enter the world as equals and that we leave the world as equals as well.

A Chevra Kadisha (Sacred Society) carries out the task of preparing the deceased for Jewish burial. In addition to performing the tahara or ritual purification of the dead, the Chevra Kadisha Kavod of Oahu seeks to educate interested parties about these centuries-old rituals as well as the opportunity to perform this important mitzvah. 

Download the pamphlet for more information.

Additional Resources

"Elements of My Jewish Funeral: My Wishes". This handout provides users with a brief guideline for planning a Jewish funeral. The document helps users decide which Jewish elements they would like to include in their funeral as well as serves as a directive for families or other responsible persons to follow. Click the title link to download.

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